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Suzy Mernik

BrainFirst Coach & Intuitive Healer

Calling on all those who want to see changes happen in their life but resistant to reach out to someone, for any number of reasons.  I hear you loud and clear.  Learn how to self-heal.  When it comes to changing your life, you are in charge – there isn’t a book, video, professional or family member that can make this choice for you.  It is 100% up to you and you are the expert on you – Suzy Mernik is your transcriber.

Her mission is simple:  Uncover.  Heal.  Reveal.  Discover the negative repeating patterns contributing to self-sabotage, do the work utilizing Suzy’s process with thought provoking questions then watch your life change for the best.

Combining a certification in neuroscience based, BrainFirst Solution Focused Life Coaching with her unbridled, gift given intuition, she will help you identify and break free from your limiting patterns.



$80.00/60 minutes
Conventional Thought Provoking, Solution Focused Sessions
Includes 30 days of follow-up texts or quick chats.  Dates/times TBD at sign up.

Note: Students, unemployed and retirees can choose a finance option or 50% off

Perfect for the very busy individual, college student, over-scheduled parent, or overall panicked person needing a life vest.  The texts/chats are optional and built to be reminders of what was covered and what you’re creating in life, keeping you focused on your path.

This may be all you need to refocus your life and have a person in your corner!!  Humans are build for change and designed for swift results.  In just 60 minutes, Suzy’s session delivers profound insights and lasting clarity.  It’s not only an eye-opener but also equips you with practical self-healing techniques to continue your growth independently with lasting results.  Everyone needs a “Suzy” in their corner!

$120.00/90 minutes
Solution Focused Intuitive Self Healing Sessions
Includes 30 days of follow-up texts or quick chats.  Dates/times TBD at sign up.

Note: Students, unemployed and retirees can choose a finance option or 50% off

Embark on a transformative journey with sessions uncovering patterns and making new conscious choices.  As a bonus, Suzy will keep in touch to stay in close contact via text to keep you on track to meet your life goals.  These 90-minute sessions are designed to supply you with critical information that answers many linger questions and will assist in better decision making for the future.

This option is for the open minded who have become aware life is energy, vibration and frequency manipulation.  Self-healing is a choice we have the option to make.  The texts are helpful for when life pops you a good one and you need to vent or get centered again in life.  

This is the joy of Suzy’s life!  As you go along, watch your own life become filled with joy.

Join me on this journey, and let’s unlock the incredible potential already within you.  A note from Suzy:  My secret is out…I was where you are and not long ago.  I hid from my gifts, talents, intuition and success, allowing fear and victim consciousness to run my life.  Through my discovery and development, I can help you uncover your negative patterns and your perfectly intended life will emerge.  Anyone can learn this process.  It is the future of therapy to learn the tools to heal yourself and I am so excited to help you on your way!

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What others are saying

"Guiding, intuitive, motivational, mind blowing, game changing, non-judgmental"

– B

"Suzy is someone who consoles and encourages clients through personal or career challenges. She will help guide you to reach your ultimate goals. Her compassion for your life makes her one of the best in the business."

– S