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My mission is simple: to guide you back to your innate sense of worthiness and completeness. Combining a Certification in neuroscience based, BrainFirst life coaching, my own gift given intuition and drawing on the insights gained through years of working with horses, I’ll help you identify and break free from life’s limiting patterns. And here’s the beauty of it – Anyone can learn this process! So, if you’re stuck or wonder why you keep landing in similar situations – let’s talk!


For my fellow horse community, I’m still offering my expertise in that arena, on a limited basis as well. Please see my offerings page for further information.

Having spent 30+ years training horses, offering riding lessons, and connecting riders with their ideal equine partners, I’ve identified a transformative pattern.

It’s a pattern that can liberate you from the constraints that hold you back and lead you to a life filled with freedom, abundance, meaning, and purpose.

It extends to our equine companions as well. By infusing your interactions with horses with pure and meaningful intent, I’ll teach you how to ask in the right way. And here’s the beauty of it – anyone can learn this process, and it will enrich not only your relationship with horses but also every other relationship in your life.

Transformative Life Coach Offerings

For a limited time, all of Suzy’s services are now half off their original price! Plus, students and retirees can enjoy an incredible 75% discount.
One Time Eye Pop

Original $225  for 90 Minutes

For a limited time $112.50 for 90 Minutes

In just 90 minutes, Suzy’s “One-Time Eye Pop” session delivers profound insights and lasting clarity. It’s not only an eye-opener but also equips you with practical self-healing techniques to continue your growth independently.

Slow Reveal

Originally $115 for 60-Minute Sessions

For a limited time $57.50 for 90 Minutes

Embark on a transformative journey with Suzy’s “Slow Reveal” program. Over 6-12 weeks, these 60-minute sessions are designed to help you discover and overcome what has been holding you back, all while receiving the crucial support you need.

Supportive Measures

$100 for 1-Hour Sessions

For a limited time $50 for 1-Hour Sessions

At Suzy Mernik’s Transformative Life Coach Offerings, our commitment to your growth doesn’t end with a single session. We offer ongoing support tailored to your needs, available “for the foreseeable future” or until you feel it’s the right time to conclude.

Full Access to Text Support

Originally $250 for 14 Days

For a limited time $125 for 14 Days

Unlock personalized guidance and reminders with “Full Access to Text Support.” After any session, enjoy direct access to Suzy’s expertise via text messages during normal business hours. Your questions and needs are a priority, and Suzy will respond once available. This service covers you for 14 days, ensuring continuous support as you journey toward self-discovery and personal growth.

Harmonious Horse Connection

Originally $100 for 60 Minutes

For a limited time $50 for 60 Minutes

Strengthen the bond between you and your horse through our 1-hour sessions. Suzy guides horse owners in nurturing deeper connections and facilitating relaxation in their equine partners. Witness your horse transform into a more serene state as you both embark on this journey together.

Horse Habits Transformation

Originally $100 for 60 Minutes

For a limited time $50 for 60 Minutes

Is your horse struggling with bad habits and patterns? Suzy offers 1-hour private sessions designed to break these barriers. Collaborate with Suzy and your horse to foster positive change and create a healthier, happier equine companion.

Join me on this journey, and let’s unlock the incredible potential already within you.

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"Guiding, intuitive, motivational, mind blowing, game changing, non-judgmental"

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"Suzy is someone who consoles and encourages clients through personal or career challenges. She will help guide you to reach your ultimate goals. Her compassion for your life makes her one of the best in the business."

– S